Confronting the Passion

Good Friday is always a hard day.  How do you really and truly absorb what Christ did for us all those many years ago? It is easy to read the words on a black and white page, to go to the church service, and to come home to eat the big meal.  How do you make it harder? Yes, I want to figure out how to be uncomfortable and awkward today.  I want to go through my day with a sense of unease because I know that this is the day set aside to remember the whippings, the beatings, the abject cruelty and humiliation that my Christ went through so that I was spared the punishment for my sins.  We need to be more uncomfortable and awkward about our faith- Christ promoted a faith that would make us uncomfortable because we are not made for this world.  We are strangers passing through, our home is in heaven, and I can take my place there because of what Jesus did today.

In 2004 The Passion of the Christ came out in theatres.  I remember watching it with Ben and other couples from our care group.  There is something powerful about seeing a depiction of what Jesus’ passion might have been like.  Most of us are visual, so seeing helps with the believing.  I cried.  I bawled.  I wept at what Jesus allowed to happen to him so the rest of us could be free.  As you go through your Friday, whether you ascribe to the Christian faith or not, I would challenge you to allow yourself to be uncomfortable and either read an account from the Bible of  how Jesus died (go to the end of any of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John), or to pray and ask God to reveal to you the enormity of your sin and the answering blanket of His grace that covers that sin.  This is what my day will entail- of asking God to show me who I am in my truest form, and then asking Him to show me His glory.  I’ll leave you with a clip from YouTube from The Passion of the Christ set to the song Carry My Cross by Third Day (As a warning, the video is graphic- the movie was rated R for graphic violence).  Have an uncomfortable Good Friday, my friends~ I know it will mean an even more joyous Easter Sunday.

Appreciating Others Generosity

I am always shocked at how generous people can be.  Not that it surprises me, because I know that people love to help others, but more shocked at how much people are willing to give away to make others feel special.  We have been the recipients of other people’s generosity more times that I can count, and often it is Payton and Devin who receive the most benefits.  Ever since I was pregnant with Payton, people have been willing to share from their stores of baby clothes, furniture and toys.  We have bought only a few items of clothing and very few toys.  Most have been gifted to us.  Two nights ago Ben brought home two bags full of Thomas the Tank Engine wooden tracks and trains that was given to us by the Lysack family.  I wish I would have had my camera out to capture the look of pure delight on the boys’ faces when I showed them what was in the bags.  But I did grab it to get a few pictures of them playing with the track that we, of course, had to immediately set up.  So here we sit at 8:45 am, no breakfast, no day clothes, playing with the new track.

(Sorry that the pictures have a bit of an orange tinge to them.  I’m still trying to figure this camera out and how to get some natural light into the playroom which has almost none!)

I’m sure that these new-to-them trains will keep the boys busy all day, and Ben and I overwhelmed by how much such a simple thing as passing on a toy your child has grown out of can make the recipient feel valued and treasured.  So, thank you Lysack family, may God’s blessings pour out to you!

On another happier-for-the-mommy note, step one of Spring Cleaning 2011 is completed- the newly cleaned and organized playroom.  I am so thankful for all the built-ins in the playroom, especially now that they are freshly organized. Now it’s off to the boys’ bedrooms for me to tackle their closets!