The Importance of Play

Payton is officially done his afternoon nap (if you strain your ears you might be able to hear my cries from where ever you are sitting right now).  Although this will be good in the long run, and will make his afternoons at preschool this fall much easier an adjustment, it is a little sad for me right now.  We’re in the process of implementing an afternoon quiet time so that I can catch some downtime, but I will miss the absolute quiet that I normally got for two hours while both boys slept.

That being said, I am also excited for this new just Payton and Mommy play time.  As Dev usually sleeps for at least two hours, and Payton’s quiet time will only last for one hour, that means that we will have our own daily hour of play.  As I was thinking about what to do with my “big boy” in that time, I began to think about the importance of playing and learning.  Although my thoughts were originally drawn to learning as in printing, science experiments (we did one using toys, stairs, and gravity last week), and art projects, there is much more that he learns through play, and even more when I specifically play with him.  Rachel Meeks of Small Notebook wrote a spectacular post on the importance of play in a child’s spiritual life.  The original article is available here.

I’ve found that Pinterest is not just about home decor and fashion, and I’ve been coming across lots of ideas for making and playing with Payton.  Some of my favourites are:



Payton is all about pirates right now.  We even have two swords for pirate sword fights and making unsuspecting teddy bears walk the plank.


What do you do with your child(ren) while younger siblings sleep? Art project ideas/science experiments/learning activity ideas all appreciated!

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