Summer Strawberries

Do you ever have those dreams that visit you just before you come fully awake?  The ones where your body has fully rested, yet the clock (or in our case, children) have yet to sound alarm? I love those dreams, especially when the light is peeking through the sides of the curtains and the birds are singing outside.  One of the recurring dreams I (for some odd reason) have during those rare times are ones of my family and I picking strawberries in a beautiful field, just as the sun is peeking over the horizon.  Picture this, and you’ll be close to what I see in my mind’s eye.

The picture is from one of my favourite online boutiques- Ruche (picture source here).  Seeing as I’ve been slowly recovering from surgery (I admit- I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to anything teeth- I blame early childhood trauma) and both Ben and Devin have been down with strep throat, this week has not been the fodder for sun drenched lazy dreams.  More like drug induced hazes that usually end with either Ben or I in frustrated tears (okay, again, this is likely just me).  But, God knew we needed encouragement this week and sent two lovely ladies to do so.  Laurel dropped off a delicious sausage chowder at the church (I need your recipe!) and Tana sent Ben home with a bucketful of freshly picked strawberries.  Even though I would have loved to pick them ourselves, I recognize and appreciate the time and effort that went into each gift and am so very thankful for them.

Seeing as anything acidic is not too friendly on stitches or raw throats, I washed, stemmed and froze the strawberries for use at a later date.  I would have taken pics of the process, but a wicked thunderstorm blew in at 8:30 am and made it look like it was 8:30 pm.  Payton actually sidled up beside me to ask, “Mommy, are we ever going to get out of our house? It’s too dark outside.” How can you tell these children have gotten bored with their mother’s convalescing time?

Now that the strawberries are in the freezer on a cookie sheet and the boys are slowly seeing the sun which hopefully will nullify any apocalyptic imaginings on Payton’s part, I’m starting to dream about what to make with those gorgeous strawberries.  A quick google search showed me these beauties:

Strawberry Marshmallows (from Fields of Cake and Other Good Stuff)

Strawberry-Rhubarb Empanadas (from Laylita’s Recipes)

Or these (DIET!!) Strawberry Muffins (from Diet Recipes Blog)

Don’t each of those concoctions look so tasty? I can already imagine enjoying one with a latte on the back deck (hopefully with my hubby once we both feel like swallowing again).  Do you have any go to summer strawberry or any other type of berry recipes you’d be willing to share?

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