An Intentional Christmas- A Final Thought

I had only planned to run posts Monday to Friday for the series, An Intentional Christmas, but when I clicked over to Life Rearranged blog this morning, I knew I had to come back and give a final thought about Christmas.

Christmas is a time for us to spend with family and friends, and many of us take for granted the time that we spend.  We get so caught up in the expectations that we’ve concocted for ourselves and others in regards to the perfect Christmas experience that we forget that there are others who do not have family or friends to surround them and care for them.

Jeanette, over at Life Rearranged, reminded me of this reality when she introduced me to little Xander.  Read more about Xander’s life here.  Isn’t he the cutest?  Just to know that there are people who don’t even know him who want to help him, to help him come to a family that will love and care for him, encourages my heart.

Adoption is something that Ben and I have discussed many times, and the cost is what had prohibited us in the past.  Jeanette is trying to help with the cost of Xander’s adoption.  If you have a little left over in the budget this Christmas, consider sharing it with a little boy in the hope of helping him get his forever family.

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One thought on “An Intentional Christmas- A Final Thought

  1. Hi Jennifer: Yes Zander is a cutie. Your comments do remind us that there are so many little ones out there that that really need love and care. We all should try and help in any way we can. Thank you for the reminder

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