An Easter Week Preview

(Our Resurrection Eggs)

Between vacation and finishing up my class, I had totally forgotten about Easter week preparations.  I was actually shocked when Ben mentioned that today was Palm Sunday.  Last year we did lots of Easter activities in the two weeks leading up to Easter, but this year I’ve been lax in letting Palm Sunday sneak up on me.  I have, however, found two great resources that I will use to make this last week before Easter memorable for my boys.  Life as Mom shared 10 Things I Want to Do with My Kids As Easter Approaches and Desire from When You Rise posted a really simple list of activities aptly named Meaningful (and Easy) Easter Ideas for the Procrastinator.

I hope that these resources are a help to anyone who, like me, is finding putting together a montage of meaningful activities a little overwhelming at the moment.  Please feel free to share any of the activities, crafts, or other little things your family does to make Easter more meaningful.

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