Here and Gone…Fall

Fall is my favourite season.  Summer ranks a close second, but fall makes me feel alive.  It likely has to do with the fact that the start of school makes my spirit sing, and boots and scarves and lattes in hand make me happy.  Fall marks the beginning of my year and everything that comes with new starts.

My mom has been asking for pictures of the boys for a special frame she has.  I took advantage of the fall foliage and beautiful weather to snap a couple of the middlest and littlest.



This is my card.  He loves to make funny faces and laughs at all the inappropriate times when you can’t help but laugh with him.  He makes my heart happy.


And he loves his brother with a surprising ferocity.  He is his brother’s keeper.  Even when Torren might prefer otherwise.


11 Months

It is flabbergasting (yes, I just used flabbergasting) to me that our littlest is almost one year old.  Torren is just a few weeks shy of celebrating one year.  These monthly updates will likely become six month updates and this special time of measuring his age by months will be passed.  I’m holding tightly to these last days as a pre-one year old.  They are special.  They are precious.  They are a gift.



Of the 20+ pictures I snapped, only these two were even slightly usable.  I now know the real reason why most parents give up snapping monthly pictures: it is impossible to get a one year old to sit still.  These next pictures will be of Torren’s one year birthday!

October in Review


October is always one of my favourite months.  The weather is still (usually) enjoyable and the rush of a new school year has passed.  This month we celebrated Ben’s 33rd birthday and I survived four days on my own with the boys.  Kudos to Ben for doing it last month.  Our backyard was cleaned up (thanks, Grandpa Stuart and Grandma Joan) and I am ready for winter evenings, hot chocolate, and cozy fires.


Payton feeding Torren~ Flat Stanley came to visit~ “I want to play too!”~ Payton completed his Awana workbook and is on to #2~ swinging~ learning to read~ naptime snuggles~ donut date with Daddy~ afternoon reading time~ Ben’s birthday~ learning to read~ bathtime~ naughty baby~ fall leaves~ stair climbing~ donut date with Mommy