A Sweet Song



“Were you there when they crucified my Lord? Were you there when they crucified my Lord? Oh, oh, oh…” the little voice sounded across the still auditorium.  My son, Payton, was helping my husband serve communion at our church, singing his song as an invitation to remember Christ’s sacrifice.  I loved hearing his earnestness, his sincerity as he asked the age old question.  And at that moment, I was thankful that Mrs. Campbell loved Jesus enough, and loved my son enough, to teach him that song and in doing so, to partner with us in training Payton to love God and love others.

Raising children in our culture to become adults who have a vibrant relationship with Jesus is hard on the best of days, completely overwhelming on the worst.  I am thankful that God has provided other people to aid us in this task.  I am thankful for teachers at CHS who model godly morals and behaviour and who teach the curriculum from a biblical worldview.  I am thankful for members of our church who teach my sons about God and his Word.  And as Payton’s song echoed from the kindergarten class concert many months earlier, it is obvious that these truths are forming his mind and heart.  A very sweet song indeed.

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10 Months and Counting

This growing needs to stop.  I have commanded him time and time again to stay my baby, but he completely disregards my wishes.  I spent too much of my time with Payton and Devin wishing they were older so that they would ____ (sleep better, eat faster, play on their own, add other complaints here).  With Torren I am selfishly clinging to the baby stages knowing that it will be my last time experiencing each phase.  Sorry, Oldest and Middlest, Mommy apologizes for not cherishing each moment.  I’m doing better.


Oh, this little man.  He is content and happy and sweet.  He’s perfecting his open mouth kisses and his stair climbing.  He loves his brothers and wires.  He is our perfect ending.



So blessed.

Songs Over Our Heads

The song “Sing Over Your Children” by Matt Maher has been running through my head this past week.  There are times when I forget that God is my loving heavenly Father who delights in singing over me.

Photo 2013-04-17 1 43 43 PM

I fervently believe that God allows us the privilege of being parents so that we can get the fleetest glimpse into His heart of unconditional love.  As I sing over Torren, flopping between making up nonsensical lyrics that make him smile to singing old hymns that I pray will one day come to mind as he needs them, I project my love to him.  I am taking my time to be interested in his happiness, just as God is interested in mine.  This little boy reminds me more and more of the presence of God in my midst.  So today, dear friend, will you incline your heart to listen for the song that God is singing over you?