DIY: Valentine’s Day Cards

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I decided it was finally time to attempt a project that I have been dying to do for months.  Photo Valentine’s Cards!  Using inspiration from About a Boy, I bribed Payton and Devin to stand in the very chilly sunroom so I could get their pictures with the white background. We had a few outtakes; the boys struggled with trying to figure out why they needed to stand with their arms outstretched with their hands in a fist for no apparent reason.  Evidently “Just because” is already a non-answer in their books.

We finally got a couple pictures that could work, so I uploaded them to Picnik to do some editing.  I cropped each image and added heart stickers and the text.  I ended up with these:

Using a hole punch, I punched two holes on each side of the boys’ hands, and we inserted a sucker through the holes.  Pretty cute, eh? Like I said, I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to make these since I first saw them almost a year ago.  I did learn a lesson though, these are easier to make with a four year old than a two year old.  Point taken.

So, from our family to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day!

“For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not die but have eternal life.” John 3:16


Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday brought a little ray of sunshine to my door.  When the doorbell rings at the Kramer house, it is a mad dash to the door, usually including at least one stubbed toe or bruised knee and buckets of tears.  The tears usually come when Payton realizes that the mail is for Mom or Dad, not him.  He is obsessed with the idea of receiving mail.  When our extremely courteous Canada Post delivery couple came to our door, he was convinced that the package they brought was a toy for him.  When he was told that it was a “toy” for Mom,  the tears began to flow.  They quickly stopped when I informed him that he is the proud new owner of my previous camera.  He has been running around the house taking pictures (some actually not too shabby).  Once he was distracted and Devin was strapped into his seat with some crackers, I got to open my newest joy-inducing box.  My new camera had come! Here is a picture of me enjoying it:

Please disregard the undone hair- I had yet to shower that day.  Doesn’t she look like a beauty?!?! I’m so pleased with her already.   (Yes, I’ve christened it female, but I have yet to assign a name).  After the batteries charged (for seemingly forever), I was up and going.  I know, I know, most cameras don’t have regular batteries anymore, but have the fancy lithium ion kind.  I actually put a lot of thought into this and chose to have a camera with a few more features and enough girth to not lose in my diaper bag.  We’ll see if my reasoning pans out.  Now, Payton doesn’t like having his picture taken, but today he actually smiled for me.  Devin always is willing, although the toast he was snacking on got in the way. Aren’t they the cutest things?

I think my boys are going to get sick of me running around saying, “Smile for Mommy”.  But hey, I’m sure they’ll thank me when they’re older and I have so many embarrassing nice pictures to show their future girlfriends.  That’s what a good mom would do.


After many months of looking online, asking for friends’ advice, and trolling the photography aisles of electronics stores, I have finally made my choice and put in my order.  In 4-7 standard business days, I should be the proud owner of a new Kodak EasyShare Z981.

I found it for a good deal on Amazon, and you can’t beat free shipping.  Although it still has the old rechargeable batteries compared to the new lithium ones, I’m okay with that due to it’s having a lot more features such as a quick shutter speed which, when you’re chasing monkeys like mine, is crucial.  It also has a one touch feature that allows me to upload to Facebook or Twitter directly from the camera and it shoots in black and white and sepia.  I’m looking forward to learning all the features, and might even venture into taking some photography lessons from a friend (although I haven’t asked her yet- what do you think, Dayna?)  Seeing as I just registered Payton for soccer when spring finally comes, I will need to brush up on how to take good action shots.  Hopefully (in 4-7 standard business days) I will be able to not only write about those things that are happening around our home, but also share a decent picture with you all.